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You did great except we'll have to get the blog list on there. When I get up tomorrow should be okay.


Keep making them hickeydoos!


A lovely line Miss JewelryDonna! The colors are yummy-licious!

Karen Eaton

great line Donna! And I love how you blog!


I love your stories and I feel like I get to know you more and more. I love your simple line with those stones. I have sold many necklaces with those cameo stomes


AHA....your links are now up! Great job, Ossie Boo!
I mean....JewelryDonna

Mary Reckmeyer

Wonderful line. Very gift-able, and something I would choose easily for myself. One in every color. and style. perfect. Please keep writing. Your blogs are a gift in themselves. You have a wonderful humor and wit.

Christine Cravens

Donna - your line is terrific! I love the little charm you are going to include with each order. I enjoyed your blog post and look forward to watching your line grow!

Susan Bowerman

Oh Miss Donna, I love your blogs. You never disappoint and I think this gift line of yours will do very nicely. I have to tell you though, I love the close-up photography. I like seeing detail and the details I saw were most pleasing. Well done!

Catherine S.

CONGRATS, Donna!! You made it!! I hope you feel better soon!

Your cab pendants are so pretty! The dangles are a nice touch! You go girl!! :*

Love you bunches,

Catherine S.

Pamela Anger & Toby, Novegatti Designs

Lovely line, Donna, and I adore your determination! You've done a wonderful job, and I can't wait to see more jewelry pieces from you in the future. ;)

Susan Bolton

Donna, we must have the same style because I think your pendants are dyn-o-mite!! a single pendant on a chain is my favorite type of jewelry to wear. Giving away Hickey-doos is a great,fabulous,outstanding, stupendous idea which means I really like the idea! I'm so very glad to have crossed paths with you and feel blessed to have been in class with you. I'll keep watching the videos if ya'll keep makin them and , if I can figure it out, I am going to follow your blog. I wrote the first directive in my business plan today -- do not make any jewelry for one week! Take care.

Beth Trubman

Well, I said it before, and I'll say it again.....Donna, you're a hoot! Love your beautiful line of jewelry, simple and very very pretty. And your posts are so very enjoyable.

Fran Sitton

Dear Donna,
Your honesty shines through the pieces you have designed and completed. I love the simplicity and elegance. Great job!!


Lovely line, Donna. Great job!


Hey sweet Donna I love the simplicity of you sweet a d delicate designs they Neill make lovely gifts for someone. I too enjoy your whit and humor. Love you bunches sweet lady! XOXO!

Marcia Tuzzolino

Sweet Donna, I love your blog post, and your quirky, humorous writing style. The "stones" you used in your gift line are gorgeous and some of my faves! I wish you much success on Etsy and at your booth!

Joan Donovan

I love the fun and simplicity of your line - it will appeal to so many people that it will be a great success! The etsy giftie idea is a keeper - I may have to steal it - if I ever get my shop up and running, that is! Thanks for sharing your fabulous sense of humor!

Val Tilghman

Donna, you did a wonderful job! I for one love the close up pictures...it allows people to see all of the lovely detail! :)

Irene Hoffman

Great post Donna. You have a lovely line going. I especially love the pieces with thr faux opals. They are one of my faves. Wonderful job. 😊

Janet Calardo

Your blog was both funny and sentimental. Love your line the wonderful way you presented it. The charm with purchase is really a sweet idea. Great job!

Chris Kemp

It's been great sharing this class with you, Donna. You're a lot of fun!
Your blog is great, and you have a ton of talent.
Keep up the great work. I love your simple, beautiful pieces. They are very wearable.
Love your shoppe. I have little charms on a clasp too for gifts on my Etsy store. Great minds...

gloria allen

Hey donna I do not think you were to close, those are excellent photo's. You have a pretty gift line, all delicate and romantic to pass down through time. Congratulations!

Ingrid Anderson

A lovely and versatile line! Very wearable and giftable (if that is a word)! Ingrid

Elisabeth Wilks

I love how you can change your line into many different sub-lines. I really like your white and pink necklace in your third close up picture. I think it may even be the one you were wearing in the video with B'Sue. Lovely start to what will be a great gift line.The quote at the end of your post was perfect.

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