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I always love reading your posts, Donna, and this one does not disappoint. I hope your throat feels better and that lost earring turns up for you!!! :)

Nike Bottalico

you always entertain! best wishes on your journey!


Donna, you instinctually draw us in with your charming writing, humor and personal revelations. You make us smile and leave us wanting more. Smart! Looking forward to your line reveal ♥

Susan Bowerman

Another awesome post! Thank you. I think when you entered this world is was with a smile on your face and an infectious giggle flowing from your lips. You have a magical personality, Miss Donna. Thanks for letting it shine for us. Great blog and I look forward to your line!

Pamela Anger & Toby, Novegatti Designs

Lovely post, Donna, and I hope you find that earring! It sounds like your line is coming together nicely, and I can't wait to see it all finished. ;)

Erica Olmos

I truly love ready your blog , easy simple and to the point. I also love the colors and what you are teasing us with . Excited to see your complete line and please take care of your sore throat ( ha ha ) and find that lost earrings it is lovely


You're a hoot. And I want one of those rings!

paula Gaskill

Donna, you make me laugh. Great blog!

Joan Donovan

Donna, I totally get the ring! I think you are a little younger than me but it brings back memories of the troll dolls we were all crazy about. You were an enterprising young lady! I love the stones you picked - I have some of those too and they are really gorgeous. Hope you feel better, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Beth Trubman

Enjoyed your post Donna, always do. That picture of you on the title I love, and the picture at the end very sweet.

Catherine S.

You're hilarious girl!! Loved your post and looking forward to seeing more designs! :*

~ Catherine S.

Val Tilghman

Thank you for reminding me to not let my distractions get in the way! I have a tendency to do that. It's the classic " make sure that everyone has enough to eat....and I will scrounge for leftovers!" LOL Hope that you feel better and find that earring :)

Susan Bolton

I know your line will be awesome Donna. You have given it careful thought and done your homework so your ready and I can't wait to see it. By the way were you ornery back in the day?
Susan Bolton

Jeanette B

Your writing style is entertaining, your work is beautiful and your words are wise. There are always distractions, we must stay the course if we want to get where we want to go.


Well, the ring...not so much. But the earrings are pretty with those colors and delicate style. See you next time.


You're so charming Miss Donna!
Oh, and that ring...it may invade my dreams....here's hoping it won't.
I love going to school with you, and I hope you'll sign my annual at the end!
Looking forward to the reveal, and seeing what you've made. You're going to do excellent!


Sooo funny Donna! I'm sure that earring will turn up, if it hasn't already. LOL
Looking forward to seeing your line.


Thank you for these fun posts; love the photos of you that post! That ring does have a certain charm, but it looks like you've come a long way since; can't wait to see your line. :)


Great blog Donna, you're always a hoot! That ring, well, it was very interesting and creative! I prefer what you're doing now though! The photo of you as a little one is adorable! Can't wait to see the reveal!

wings and beads

Love the humor in your post. looking forward to the finish.

Janet Calardo

Love reading your posts. They bring a wonderful bit of levity along with great insights to this BALC process. Looking forward to seeing your finished line of jewelry!

Elisabeth Wilks

Thanks Donna for your fun blog post. Your pics of the components of your line are very pretty. I look forward to seeing your finished pieces.

Erin Whitacre

Love your post as always and I love the way your blog is going. Can't wait to see the rest!

Marcia Tuzzolino

Donna, sorry I'missed late commenting. Love your blog post. What a cutie you are in that photo! I love those cabachons, and am excited to see what 5 create for your line!

Belinda Reed-Ingle

Donna what a great blog, so simple and cute. I love the picture of ya! Your earrings are adorable.I'm excited to see your line, I know how hard it is to be balanced, my schedule is not working out so well. I think I have been sick most of Feb. with sinus problems. I haven't been able to do much, hoping to be more involved when feeling better. I'm sorry so late commenting, can't wait to see what you have in April :)

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