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Linda Caudle

I know what you mean Donna! When I first saw this amazing book my heart stood stiĺ as well. It is my favorite book and like Brenda I have many. Well not to many for me but that is my hubby take on my books....lol. Enjoy reading your blogs.

Donna Parry

Thank you Linda! It was a real moment of clarity for me, I will admit. Being a newbie feels nerve wracking. I know where I want to go, but I feel unsure about so many things. And so much I need to learn!

Sue Shade

Fun post Donna!


oh Donna, my lovely little bead and book swiper!


I know Donna I have been drooling over this book, I need to just buy it and stop procrastinating! She is truly an artist, and then she uses Bsue components! Come on what is better than that!LOL! I enjoyed your blog, keep up the good work. ;D

Beth Trubman

Lovely post Donna. Linzi's tutorials on Bsue's website are great.

Mary A Werner

Cool find, Donna! I'm off to see where I might find a copy...

Deb Beechy

Donna, you crack me up!!!!


Great post Donna. However, I think it is totally unfair that you can just walk into Brenda's workshop and play with stuff. Just sayin.

Linzi Alford Buckmaster

Thank you Donna for a fab blog post and a great boost . I am so happy that you like my book! Wishing you all the creatively juicy fun in the world on your jewellery making journey ! XOXO

Tommee Caldwell

Good job and great subject! This book sirs next to my bed

Rosa Lee Jensen

Great blog. I have to get the book! I probably could spend hours with it. Keep on writing it is so much fun to read! Great job!!!!!!

Irene Hoffman

Great blog post jewelryDonna. You are just a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing your inspirational moment with Linzi's book. Nice way to start our day. 😊


What and awesome blog Donna just wonderful! XOXO! It is a glorious book filled with wonderful inspirations I'm sure!

Terri Berg

Thanks for sharing about this!


Don't feel bad, Ginger. She honestly gets into everything, she used to work here. She will be again, soon. OOOOOH baby do I have Donna stories. I am so glad to have her as the Frick to my Frack on our videos again.

Donna Parry

OH, you are so welcome!!! This is why I enjoy my blog so much. When something is amazing I can share it with people that will appreciate it!

Donna Parry

Ya, Brenda is used to me after all these years. I just want to have fun, whatever I am doing. She is a lot of fun too. That is why her videos can get kind of chaotic when we are together.

Donna Parry

I was on Face Book feeling silly, and that is when I should not be on there by the way, and I just got through posting a request for free dance lessons. Suddenly I got this thought....I wonder if Linzi saw my blog??? I thought, probably not Nutmeg...but lets see if my inferior computer skills can manage to check it out? So, I read through sweet comments and felt so blessed to be getting to know such nice people. Then I saw a comment from dear Linzi. Thanks so much!!!

Donna Parry

I am sure you are going to love that book.

Donna Parry

I have fun...it is true.


Fun Post Donna...which may have to be your new name! Really enjoyed it, and will purchase the book. Thanks balc buddy!

Pamela Anger, Novegatti Designs

Great post, Donna! Linzi's book is indeed a magical one ... I bought it shortly after it was published in the US, and it's a treasured part of my library. ;)


Looks like a great book, Donna! I am glad you found it and a copy for yourself :) I am building my 'makers library' now and this looks like a terrific add! Thanks for posting.


Hi, Donna! As IF I don't have enough jewelry-making related books. After seeing Jewelry for All Seasons and looking over it on Amazon, I bought it. I love your new web site, too. It's really clever, full of fun and shows off your personality. I look at my site in progress and think BOR-ing. So, you've given me some good ideas. Best of luck in your JewelryDonna business. You're certainly off to a great start! Judith

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