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Jann Tague

Great BLOG Donna .. Looking forward to seeing more 😊


I am going to love following your blog. Love that you share your thoughts, dreams, and your excitement for jewelry making. Some of you issues or concerns are the same as mine. I am so glad you're doing something that makes you happy and wish you luck in the BALC. I learned a lot and I am still learning. I too am planning my spring look different then before.

Thanks for sharing Looking forward to your next blog. Cindy

Maggie Akerson

Lol! True, every word you said is true. I have some issues with allowing time for myself where I don't feel guilty. I've got a blog that pretty much just sits there but, one of these fine days ( this year) I'm going to get it up! I also spend time helping my mom and handicapped brother. Life takes up time but, I think me time is life too, and an important part of it. Thanks for reminding me!
Maggie Akerson

Patt Wuest

Great blog Donna. You have such a great attitude. We can either overcome obstacles or let them trip us up. Getting my etsy store going is my biggest obstacle right now. You are an inspiration.

Maude Everill

Luv your blog Donna!!! Luv sprecta beads too!! Happy New Year!!

Catherine S.

Loved reading your story! Although we didn't live on a farm, we had a cat who "dumped" her share of litters, haha! Never heard that expression before, LOL!!

Catherine S.

Linda Caudle

Your a natural with this blog thing Donna.

Mary Reckmeyer

Great Blog! You are so right, Happy or Crappy, we are in control and decide that for ourselves. Caretaking is hard work...I am glad you have something for you.


We have a construction business so the visual I get is a memory of my son, when he was about two or so, driving (pushing) the Tonka dump truck around the living room with a load full of puppies and dumping them out. He must have moved those puppies back and forth across that living room a dozen times lol They grew up together, lots of love there. Great post Donna!

Beth Trubman

So enjoy reading your blog Donna! Keep it up! And Happy New Year.

Teresa Fox Wallace

Awesome blog Donna! You are going to be the best! (You already are, but I had to compliment you!). Can't wait for the next!!

Debbie Rodriguez

Enjoyed your blog !!
I am making your motto , my motto ! You don't mind sharing, do you ?
Looking forward to seeing more from you in 2016.

Melanie Murphy

This blog of yours is fantastic! I laughed, I cried, I related...
You are going to do fine in this new chapter of your life Donna.
I really look forward to following your adventures :)
Now if I could just get my stuff together...

Teresa Schurter

What a blessing that attitude is to all who are around you. It comes through! Your joy is contagious & your decision is perfect. I've learned through all of life's trials not just "to be content," but to look for the joy that is to come, even if your worktable ends up being a corner in a closet. You've truly been blessed w/ B'Sue & her gift of giving.

doreen Latre

Miss Donna You make fantastic jewelry and i hope you kept going with your Jewelry Design and i know Miss. B'sue is so proud of you. and I really look forward to following you Miss. Donna P.S love your work!


Bravo, Donna!
Love YOU!

I applaud anyone who allows room for a dream! It's hard to start...but start you must if you are to finish!


What a riot Donna! Really enjoyed it.
See you in class, sans kittens....

Shari Gardner- SLG Jewelry Designs

I am so glad your going to be in the BALC class with me. You have a natural talent and I think I'll learn a lot from you and the other members of class, in addition to Brenda teaching it. This is a great blog and it doesn't matter where you make, just as long as your making and it makes you happy.

Donna Parry

Many thanks to all of you for such kind, encouraging comments. We are all walking down a similar path. Talking with you is like talking with my friends.

Sue Shade

Lovely blog Donna. You are a natural. Can't wait to see what you are making!!

Marcia Tuzzolino

Donna, you've really got this blogging thing down! Your sense of humor brightens my day! Thank you!

June Parker

Great Job, Donna! You inspire me, with all that you take care of daily! You are going to do wonderful!

deb reeves

Good luck, Donna. Hold onto your hat, you're in for a ride! lol deb

Ma.Elena Rodriguez

Donna, Donna, Donna, what an inspiration! Love your blog and your sharing with us. Don't worry, have faith, it will all come together. You are already off to a great start. I started making jewelry when I was eight years old and now professionally, 33 years, and the dream hasn't dimnished at all (you'd be surprised at all the junk I have, and love!). Especially with someone like Brenda Sue by your side, you just can't do anything else but succeed. Enjoy this venture/journey, enjoy it without ANY pressure, just shear joy; the joy of designing, creating, expressing yourself, letting go, and enjoying all the fruits of your spirit. Best to you! MaElena

mocki rangne

You're such a hoot Donna! Love your blog, the pics and your sentiments. Creating jewelry surely is a source of happiness, that's why I do it! Keep up the great work, hope to see your studio up and running next blog! You go Donna! <3 <3 <3

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