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Great blog post Donna. Your photos are coming along nicely.

Becky Petronella

Enjoyed your blog. I am fairly new to selling online and am happy to see someone else who can give me tips. Your space looks great!! I am anxious to read future posts. :)

Irene Hoffman

Great blog post Donna. You are really getting the hang of it. Your space in the antique shop is such a nice little setup. Much success to you on this journey.

Susan Bowerman

I love your wit, I love your blog, but the robe...not so much! Just kidding. Your shop looks great. It is a pleasure being in class with you!

Beth Trubman

Love your humor Donna! And always look forward to your blog. And your earrings are beautiful!

Karen Eaton

Great blog and your mom is adorable!!


Wonderful blog post!!! I think my favorite part is the picture of you looking all funny when you mentioned you're not here to sell cameras :) True!

gloria allen

Nicely done donna. Full of pictures, funny and informative. love the earrings. I too love beads caps, bell flowers, you go girl!


Lots of stuff going on in this blog. It makes for a great read. Love the pics of your sweet Mom. And your shop looks very inviting. I'm sure you'll do wonderful Donna!

Gina-Marie Hammer, Tangles, Twists and Treasures

Nice job Donna. Personally, I like the pile on the robe. Maybe that makes me a poor photographer, but I thought the texture provided a nice contrast.

As far as art is concerned, I found the first picture lovely, and rather dramatic. As you say, though, it's not so good for showcasing the product. Too many shadows. :/

I also really love the sepia photo of your shop. Nice job there!

Carole Carlson

I love your little booth, it's delightful.

Shari Gardner- SLG Jewelry Designs

Love your booth set-up. I hope you sell all of it, but even if you don't, remember how much fun your having. :)

Marcia Tuzzolino

Donna, you'Re a HOOT! Loved reading this blog post and how you incorporatell your sense of humor into it. Your booth is fantastic. Hope uou sell tons of earrings!

Teresa Fox Wallace

Awww Donna! Great blog. I really enjoyed it. And your Mom looks like she is so sweet. Give her lots of hugs! ((()))

Janet Calardo

Love the humor as well and it fits so well in your blog! Wishing you lots of sales!

Rosa Lee Jensen

Love this one about photography. Your space at the antique shop is great and I love what you are doing in this blog.Awesome!!


This is awesome Custer! (I won't tell why I call you Custer. hehe) Looking forward to reading more!

Sherry Russell

Great blog Donna! I love your humor!! And, great earrings too!!!

Teresa Schurter

Your blog's always so fun and refreshing. It's great to follow your new adventure. What a Marvelous booth. It looks like a great opportunity for you. It's lovely you've drawn you mom into this - she's your heritage and your hurdle to overcome right now, but her love obviously helps to lift your spirits too. Really enjoyed this one.

Patt Wuest

great blog Donna. Beautiful booth


Go, JewelryDonna!

Ingrid Anderson

Great post! Jewelry photography is one of the trickiest! After years I still tinker with backgrounds and staging. Your earrings are sweet and wishing you much success.

Susan Bolton

Great blog Donna. You've really got style!!

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