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OMG! First of all I love your Blog and the way you tell a story, Secondly love the look with thoose stones. Men I have found love the colors. I can't wait to see what you come up ith and what a great story.

Catherine S.

Love your post, Donna! Great job! And you're a corker, girl!! Smart thinking with your line, too. The necklace is a beauty!

Looking forward to your next blog post! 😉💕👍

Catherine S.


You're such a hoot Donna, loved this! In fact I got so caught up in reading (the entire blog) and looking at the pictures that I forgot what pieces you're using for your line and had to go back (and smack myself on the forehead in the process) to remind myself, lol!


Donna, thank you so much for sharing your story and your new theme. It has been a pleasure getting to know you better through the class and I love your story of the little girl picture and your Grandma Mary's farmhouse. What a terrific idea for you new line - and yummylicious stones!!! Can't wait to watch your line grow.

Susan Bowerman

You are such a natural, Donna! When I visit your blog I just can't slap the smile off of my face. Having you in the group this time is a blast! I can't wait to read more and see where you take this. Wonderful blog. Thanks for the smiles!

Elisabeth Wilks

Hi Donna, I really like your blog, it is so pretty. I will look forward to seeing your beautiful line of creations. Great pick for your cabs they are so eye catching!

Irene Hoffman

Love your post Donna. Excellent job. Your line is perfect with the faux opals. I love using them. You've got a handle on this. Cant wait to see the progression of your line.

Jeanette Belmont

I really like your blog, I wouldn't have been able to tell you are uncomfortable with tech stuff. You seem to have the hang of it pretty well. I really love those stones, are they glass or resin? Either way it sounds like you are confident in your direction and I look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

Val Tilghman

I love your blog!! It really tells a story :) The cabs you are working with remind me of Spring and I cant wait for Spring weather! You are so lucky to have all of the experience from your mentor then....and now!! Big hugs to you for taking care of your precious Mom....I have my Dad with me and I am thankful, but know how it can be!

Marcia Tuzzolino

Love your blog post, Donna! Those "stones" are amazingly beautiful colors, and I can't wait to see what you do with them. Love the first necklace you'very created!!

Alison Huie

Those colors are absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to see what you do with those beauties

Pamela Anger & Toby, Novegatti Designs

I love your post, Donna ... the story about your first job, the tree climbing, and I especially love your determination. I'm so glad you decided to join the BALC this year! Great choice of the stones for a theme, and I'm really looking forward to seeing your designs!

Mary Reckmeyer

I love your way with the written word. I have the benefit of having met you, and seen you in the B'sueboutiques video on youtube, so I can "hear" your voice when I read your blogs. You have a fabulous wit. And an even more fabulous workspace.


Nice blog Donna - it's inspiring, and funny! Love the spring colors you will be working with and your line idea - it's a simple formula that promises to be great! I really enjoy watching you and B'sue on the videos together - you two should do standup - watching has brightened up my day on many occasions!

Jann Tague

Great Blog .. loved your story .. all those beautiful cabs it makes me think of Easter .. Looking forward to our journey and seeing your finished line


Loved your blog Donna. It has great flow. Your theme will be fun to follow. Those are beautiful stones. I ordered them for the first time recently, and they're PRETTY!
Look foward to growing with you in Brenda's class.

Shari Gardner- SLG Jewelry Designs

Hi Donna, well it looks like it will let me post a comment now...don't ask me what I did, but it's working. I left you a note on your Facebook page too. Anyhow, I absolutely love what your doing with those stones. I love them too, so I see success in your future. So glad you joined the class, so I can get to know you better and see your finished pieces.

Susan Bolton

Thank you for your contributions in class and on the youtube videos. You seem down to earth and grounded in your thoughts. You can see this in the line you chose. Simple is best! I'm glad you are in the class.

Sue Shade

I love your blog. Not only do you explain your line but you do a little teaching along the way. Can't wait to see your progress.

Renee Allen

Miss Donna, you're a mess and don't ever change! Love your theme and funny blog and can't wait to see what you create! x

Ingrid Anderson

What a great post! Love the picture hanging on the wall as well as the little girl. Those cabs are awesome and I am sure your line will be fantastic! Looking forward to seeing the completed line. Ingrid


oh muhahaha yourself. That'll teach ya! (Don't worry if you are reading this and you are not Donna. This is 41 one years of crazy banter....we have our own language. She knows I'm proud of her.)

Carole Carlson

Great post, Donna, and the necklace is just lovely.


Donna what a delightful blog and story! I
Love your simple but very elegant first piece and look forward to more goodies from you. Happy creating my friend! Love you bunches!

Deb Beechy

I really love your necklace. I love simple styles too. Your blog is great!

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