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Lyn Reeve

I love your blog happy you have joined us

Jasmine Huston

I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Just recently I thought about making things to sell crocheting-wise. I wish the best for you!


Donna, it is just so fun making jewelry....and blogs! with you XOXOX your sister in law of going on 41 years

kelly wymer

Yay! Looks great

Gillian Cunningham Wright

Love your sense of humour Donna! I look forward to seeing more of your jewellery and videos with B'Sue.

Marcy Thomas

Fun blog...thanks for the smile!

Sherry Russell

Fab & funny, just like you are!

Catherine S.

Haha, very cute!! 😉💕👍🎉
Catherine S.

Jennifer Merrill Williams

Hey Donna! A true entrepreneurial spirit! Looking forward to hearing more from you, and seeing your jewelry.

Jann Tague

Hey Donna .. Glad your going to experience all of this with us .. Looking forward on seeing what you make .. Jann

Michelle Mach

You have such a great natural conversational style of writing. Makes it fun to read! :)

Maude Everill

Luv your blog!! So fun!! Keep it up!!

Vonda Stephenson

What a fun blog, Donna. I love your sense of humor!

Deb beechy

Love your blog, Donna. I really like your videos too. ;)

Pamela Anger & Toby, Novegatti Designs

Great post, Donna, and I'm so glad you're joining in with us for the 2016 BALC! ;)


Love your blog, can't wait to start class with you! :D


Love the blog

mocki rangne

Hey Donna, loved it, there's no stopping you now, go go go and make beauties! <3

Tommee Caldwell

Looks like you are a natural blogger!


And now the fun begins!!
Congrats Donna!

Sue Shade

Super blog Donna! Such fun in what you do.

Susan Bowerman

Love it! How wonderfully fun! You are going to rock this thing, Donna!

Beth Trubman

Loved your blog Donna! I feel like we are close friends. Looking forward to class with you and reading more of your blogs. Very fun.

Alexandra Sefton

Hahahaha--That's my new motto: You're never too old or chubby!!!
Loved reading your blog and looking forward to more. It's really cool to have the urge to create and share it with such wonderful peeps! Rock on Donna. <3

Alexandra Sefton

p.s. How do we subscribe? When I tried, it had a bunch of weird writing......

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